Tropical Glacier Cocktail Premix

The Tropical Glacier cocktail (see recipe) has been such a great hit that we decided to make a premix of the main ingredients – just add the Ch’i sparkling mineral water!

If you don’t have fresh squeezed lime juice, or feijoa puree available – don’t worry! We have mixed them with Satori and bottled it for you.

Just put a slice of cucumber in a glass and half fill with ice.

Add the Premix – 3 doubles (90ml) for a Collins glass (285ml) or 4 doubles (120ml) for a larger glass (330- 360ml) – then top up with Ch’i.

Make sure you drink this through a straw for the best mouth-blowing experience. Your taste buds will love you forever!

And so you don’t run out, it comes in a 1125ml bottle.

And because the mix is in the lowest excise duty category, it costs you less than the Satori it contains. The juice is free!


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