Tropical Glacier Sorbet

  • 270ml Tropical Glacier premix
  • 400 ml Ch’i sparkling mineral water, de-fizzed
  • 50-100 gm sugar if you prefer this sweeter.
  • tblspn sugar
  • tblspn water
  • 1 egg white

If using extra sugar, dissolve in the Ch’i.
Combine and freeze the Glacier and Ch’i.
Beat the egg white until stiff.
Boil the sugar and water until a drop “soft balls” in a pot of cold water
Pour the boiling sugar liquid into the egg white while beating.

Put the frozen Glacier mix in a food processor and add the egg white. Blend. Refreeze.
Serves  4 to 6.

This is also excellent between courses as a “palate cleanser”. Do not use extra sugar in this case.