Our Story

Wildfern - Our Story

We produce both the Bemrose Estate range of honey mead wines and liqueurs, and the Wildfern range of cocktail liqueurs.

Wildfern is a brand of premium quality New Zealand-made bar liqueurs. Some of these have already won international medals. To reflect our vision and commitment to the highest standards we chose the silver fern, typifying New Zealand’s internationally recognised achievement in many areas.

As it appears on the label design the fern’s shape and positioning reflect the coastline of New Zealand, nestled in the deep blue southern Pacific Ocean (“Te Moana nui a Kiwa” in Maori), represented by the waves in the logo. The shape of the waves sitting within the tip of the fern are reminiscent of the sail shape of traditional boats used by native Pacific Islanders. This also reminds us that both Maori and European settlers came to New Zealand in sailing vessels (“waka” in Maori).

The name Wildfern also reminds us of the ruggedness of New Zealand, as encountered by early settlers. Some parts of the country are so rugged it is believed they have yet to be set foot on by humans. This preserved natural beauty is an important part of New Zealand’s identity and international attraction. It is also the source of the native honeys we use in some of the Wildfern range.

The Pikopiko fern shoot, depicted as the dot on the “i” in the Wildfern logo, has traditionally been used as a vegetable green, being affectionately called “bush asparagus”. The enjoyment of Wildfoods is celebrated each year at the now famous West Coast Wildfoods Festival, held in Hokitika on the west coast of the South Island of New Zealand.

We aim to help restore a sense of pride in New Zealand; to inspire New Zealanders to:

Pursue excellence in all things

Have confidence and faith

Be an inspiration to others

Take control of their own destiny

Take control of New Zealand’s destiny

We will set high goals, achieve and celebrate them, and then set even higher goals – and have a great time along the way.

We will remain a New Zealand owned and operated company.

Wildfern New Zealand will:

• Act ethically at all times

• Contribute to the NZ economy

• Contribute to communities and society

• Promote “buy New Zealand made”

• When we build a permanent production plant, build it to operate on a sustainable basis, incorporating solar energy systems

• (passive, water heating, photovoltaics).

• Steadily replace artificial colourings with natural colourings.

• Work towards sourcing our coffee through ‘fair trade’ registered