Cloud Sky

Cloud Sky

Relax with a shot that's as luxurious as you are.

Wildfern Cloud Sky is the perfect blend of wildfern manuka blast, Cointreau, blue curacao, and black pearl. The flavours are layered in such a way that they form a cloud-like effect in your glass. Each layer has its own distinct taste, but together they create something truly unique.

Steps to create this masterpiece

  • Half glass Wildfern Manuka Blast
  • Ring of Cointreau
  • Ring of Blue Curacao (floats between Manuka Blast and Cointreau)
  • Black Pearl – a little down side of glass – just enough to form a blob in the middle(floats between curacao and Manuka Blast)
  • A little Wildfern Butterscotch down side of glass (drifts the cloud)

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