Cloud Sunset

Cloud Sunset

What if you could create a drink that was so stunning and elegant, it would literally take your breath away?

Well, now you can. With our Wildfern Cloud Sunset shot, you'll be able to capture the beauty of a sunset in a glass—and sip it all night long.

This layered shooter is based on Manuka honey liqueur with orange liqueurs, and it has layers of flavour that will blow you away. The first layer is Wildfern Manuka Blast, which gives the drink its golden hue and honey flavour. Then comes a thin layer of Grand Marnier for some additional sweetness, followed by Wildfern Tia Kala (which sinks to the bottom) and Wildfern Black Pearl (which forms a cloud). Cointreau forms a ring around the top edge of the glass as an added flourish.

Steps To make this shot start with:

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